Read This Specially the Ladies Who "candies"

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Read This Specially the Ladies Who "candies"

Post by Mr.OralSpecialist on Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:25 am

With due respect to some of the ladies,

I would just like to share something which some may have experienced but ain't complaining.
Maybe they have all the time in the world to f*ck.

However, to some, like me, there are some who don't have the luxury of time to do it.
And we are willing to spend, it's just that when they know "time is quite limited" they, the ladies, they moved like "turtle"

Either they would first text, and text or answer calls or you know pretend to watch TV.
Either they would just lie down and talked to you. Even if you asked them to take a shower or you have already taken your shower et al. They would still "Moved slowly"

Sa Pilipino, sadyang pinatatatagal nila ang kilos, para, sandali lang ang oras nyang magkasama kayo.

I won't mention the name of the girl. I thought she was one hot babe. However,
she stalled ( sinasadyang binabagal ang kilos )

You know you were hoping for at least maka 2 pops pero becoz of her actions. One pop is all you could.

Hence, may I hope all the ladies who worked would take into consideration the money we are spending
Nakakadismaya ang sadyang binababagal na kilos.


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